Jul. 30th, 2010

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One of my favorite songs, performed by Pink, goes, "Don't Let Me Get Me!" I relate to a lot of the emotions expressed in that song, but for the most part, I've always "gotten" who I am. It was everyone else who couldn't "get me," just like they couldn't "get" my name. If you know my name, then you know me.


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(Written in 2002 for English Comp I at North Lake College.  Assignment was to write about your name(s).  My professor asked if she could keep a copy and use it for future classes as an example of a well-written essay.)

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      Brown eyes.  That's what I first noticed when I came to my senses.  Soft, kind, concerned, and as deep as they were dark.  Surrounding those eyes was a round face, olive complexion, with a slightly pointed chin - almost elfin.  The face was neither smiling nor frowning… just staring curiously.  A fringe of short, nearly-black hair framed the face of the pseudo-stranger, a boy in the class ahead of me.  For a moment, I wondered why he was staring at me… then I realized it was because I was staring at HIM!  Dangit… I'd done it again.
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(Written in 2008 for Honors English Comp II as part of my Final.  My professor's feedback was:  "Aly, You win the award: best story written for the B Paper. Good analysis, too. Your B Paper is accepted. How about submitting your story to the ACC lit journal, Rio Review?")

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