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I almost missed this assignment!  Gotta pay more attention to ALL the fine print!  My comments were based on the following links:

From the erotic domain, an aerobic trend in China

Morning exercise

Chinese Athletes Struggle

China sentences 2 women to 're-education' for seeking to protest

4 more foreign activists detained in China

After glow of Games, what next for China?

US disappointed Olympics didn't open China more


Chinese Pole Dancing:
I shouldn't be surprised to hear such primitive views about women expressed by the Chinese, but it did startle me some.  I forget how little the Chinese culture respects women.  I'm glad to see changes taking place among the young Chinese women.  Meanwhile... where can I join one of those classes?

Morning Exercises:
I love the idea of early morning exercises!  I think that would be a good habit for Americans to take up, especially if they were the kind of exercises featured here -- low impact and fun.  The Chinese yo-yo was especially fascinating, as were the dances with the fans and... were those brooms?

Chinese Athletes Struggle:
I hate to sound so incredibly judgmental, but China is just SO backwards in so many ways!  I was reading earlier about the plight of the children left orphaned by the earthquake in China earlier this year.  They've made it almost impossible for these kids to find homes.  Now, I hear how they treat their athletes and I wonder why their economy and government hasn't crumbled to the ground by now.

Reading this makes me grateful for the necessary evil that is American lawyers.

Overall, it will be interesting (and, yes, I do mean that as in the old Chinese curse) to see how China evolves from the Olympic experience.  Will the Chinese demand better treatment from the government?  We'll see!

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