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This was a story about a first love that ended the way most first loves in Jr. High do -- the wrong things were said, the right things weren't.  The main character grows up ever influenced (for the better, eventually) by his memories of that first love gone wrong.


This story brought back more memories of teen and pre-teen angst than I care to count. There was the first crush-from-afar, the first crush-from-not-so-far, the first almost-boyfriend, the first if-I-knew-then-what-I-know-now-he-would-have-been-my-boyfriend and, finally, the first unrequited love.  Lest you think me a TOTAL loser (which, let’s face it, I sorta was), shortly after that last one, I finally got it right... a real boyfriend, that is.
My mother always said Junior High was Hell on Earth. She began telling me this not long after I started First Grade, hoping to prepare me. She was successful, for the most part. I was ready for the Evil Girls and the Idiot Boys, but I was unprepared for the spiteful teachers or for just how INCREDIBLY, indescribably, stupid the boys truly were. I learned a lot, though – too bad most of it had little to do with Math or Science.
I learned that putting ice down a boy's shirt was NOT a good way to tell him you liked him. I learned that, despite this fact, a boy who liked YOU was just as likely to tell you so by “accidentally” kicking your hand and landing it in a splint for a few weeks. I learned that ANYTHING you did to impress a boy had about a 50/50 chance of earning you a trip to the doctor. I also learned that once a teacher realized she had a romance budding in her class, she would put all her energy into destroying it, and all parties involved, completely, utterly and thoroughly. Without Jr. High, I'm convinced Psychiatry would be a non-existent profession.
In addition, both then and in the years immediately following, I learned just how detrimental a lack of communication can be to a relationship. Good friends could, with a few well placed looks and several unsaid words, evolve into star-crossed lovers and explode into bitter enemies in a matter of minutes -- seconds, even. And I learned that, despite good looks and intelligence, a young man’s confidence could be so exceedingly subterranean that he would honestly believe a girl he's known for years would consider dating Beavis & Butthead's dumber cousin over him. Ironically, looking back now, I've come to realize just how much confidence makes the man... and that maybe I SHOULD have dated Beavis & Butthead's cousin, after all.
Finally, I learned, as did Richie, that it really doesn't matter how a relationship ends so much as what you learned from it. Without all that angst, and without so many entertainingly doomed relationships since, I wouldn't be happily married to a man who loves me (anyway) just the way I am.

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I once saw Dagoberto read at the Continental Club, and he was fantastic. He used to teach at Texas State, but I don't know if he still does. I know you are busy with school reading, but if you get a chance I'd highly recommend his book of short stories, Woodcuts of Women

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