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In response to this:


Why do you think Eric's mother would only talk to the boys?
I think there are several reasons Ms. Morse only granted that one interview. No. 1 is that they promised not to ask for details about the incident. No. 2 is that they were from her own community. No. 3 is because they were young and she probably saw a chance to assist these two boys in their endeavors to better themselves. If more people had cared about “Johnny” and “Tyrone,” maybe they wouldn’t have committed such a senseless crime. Maybe they would have found something more constructive to do with their lives. I’m sure she also hoped that her surviving son would benefit from the example of LeAlan and Lloyd.
What social issues do you think address the problem of the death?
I think our welfare system and our prison system are just plain BROKEN! The saddest thing is that Johnny and Tyrone COULD have a chance to better themselves in Juvenile Detention IF it were set up as a rehabilitation center, rather than merely punitive. The same could be said for adult prisons AND for the laws that govern prisoners after they have “paid their debt to society.” Many of those men and women will continue to pay that debt for the rest of their lives because their record will keep them from getting good jobs and decent housing. How on EARTH are they supposed to relinquish their law-breaking ways if their right to become law-abiding citizens is denied them?
I really liked what the Defense Attorney, Rick Hutt, had to say about the men he’s talked to – with just a little bit of attention and common courtesy, they all turn right back into little boys… something they were never allowed to be. Every one of them is savable. I’m not sure that can be said about EVERY criminal in the world, but I’m certainly willing to believe it about the ones who start out life in the projects. Give them a taste of a world they’ve only dreamed about and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be more likely to try harder to become a productive part of it.

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