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+ What role does the television play in the story?
I believe this is the main character’s way of escaping his current reality. I think he’s going through some changes, maturing, but not entirely willingly. These changes are coming at a difficult time for him and it’s just too much for him to process, so he escapes into television. It could also be symbolic of how things are going in his life – nothing’s really appealing to him on the job market, but he’s making an effort anyhow.
+ What is the main character's conflict? Is it similar in some ways to Ritchie's in "Nancy Flores"?
There’s a past vs. present/future conflict, as well as the young punk vs. responsible man. It’s a hard truth to accept that you are content, maybe even happy, being someone that you once found boring and swore you’d never become. In both stories, the main characters are having to let go of a beloved friend, as well as an old lifestyle and/or dream. They have to let go of the person they thought they’d always be.
+ Why the death mask of Pancho Villa in the story? What does it add?
I think it, too, adds a certain level of symbolism. Gabe showing up so late (or early) and the main character tolerating it, but not going along, is a representation of the end of one lifestyle and the beginning of another. It’s practically the nail in the coffin of the main character’s old life. He is watching himself and judging himself and noticing the changes. He sees what his old life looks like, but realizes that it is dead to him now. In the end, the reminder of things that USED to be important to him makes him smile. Even dead, an old identity can be a fun thing to take out and look at. The fact that the mask is from a famous revolutionary, and that his role as an inspiration to other revolutionaries is mentioned, could also allude to the revolution that has taken place in the main character’s life.
+ The main character says he hasn't had a good time in a long while. What does he mean?
I’m sure he hasn’t allowed himself to relax in quite a while. He’s stressed. He’s processing the changes in his life, and in himself, and without work, there probably isn’t a lot of surplus funds for leisure. Then again, since he’s become a responsible man, he hasn’t had the opportunity to kick back and be crazy, or even just foolish, like he was in his youth.
+ The last line is "What's the difference?" Discuss...
He doesn’t have a job to go to, so what does it matter how late his friends call? Gabe is his best bud, so he’s always welcome at any time – or maybe it’s just that Gabe doesn’t know the difference, so why should anyone try to nail him down to a schedule? Lastly, does it really matter where the hands of a clock point when fate is revealing a remarkable evolution?

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hey sweetie - could you LJ cut you homework for us? You're occupying lots of real estate :)


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I've tried, but the cuts aren't working right. Even in HTML mode, I can't get them to do what I want and still keep the formatting. :(

I do wish LJ would stop farting with their codes!!!

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